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    Wenzhou Kaiertei Hardware Factory is a professional producer of box and case fittings.Its products include all kinds of hardware fasteners like trademark series and handle Series.

    Since its extablishment,it has always upheld the corporate concept "Survive by Quality & Develop by Credit".Philososphy "not the best,but much better"and following the business tenet"qualiyt first and good farith foremost;equality,mutual Brings forth new products of high end and establishes cooperation with more customers from home and abroad.The Factory possesses advanced management and rich technical force.Welcome old and new customers sincerely and make progress together to create the more brilliant tomorrow.


    温州凯尔特五金有限公司,专营生产箱包 TPU手把 PP手把 TPR手把  PVC手把等,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:0577 -86165255

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